Our Core Services

Tree Felling

We have arborists that can handle your tree care needs whether they be tree trimming, pruning, or even tree stump removal and grinding.


We pride in helping Commercial, industrial, educational and residential properties benefit from the aesthetic appeal created by exterior design.

Stump Removal

You’ll get the job done more quickly and easily when you use our services, and there are a handful of viable options we can use to get the best results.

Lawn Maintenance

We are a lawn care treatment company for homes and businesses. We make sure that your property looks green, lush, and well-maintained.

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On Demand Services

Green Grass

Cleaning Plant

Parking Cleaning

Rubble Removal

Lawn Cutter

Garden Care, Lawn Cutter

Growing Plant

Garden Care

Flower Cleaner

Lawn Movers

Lawn Cutter

Lawn Care

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Question & Answer

How do i request services?

We are a fully digital company. For us to reach out to a wider population effectively, all our services requests and bookings are done online using our website, official facebook page and whatsapp. Alternatively, you can directly call us.

Are you available 24/7 online?

Requests may be made 24/7 through our online channels. However, our customer care department may be able to assist you during normal working hours stated on this website.

Are you an agent?

No. But we have our partner companies that assist us deliver quality services all around the country.

I would like to partner you. What do i need to do?

Please email info@instylehome.co.za.